Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions On this page we have put together a list of frequently asked questions. We hope this will be a useful resource for you. If you continue to have unanswered questions or would simply like to get in touch with us for any reason please feel free to contact us.

Question : What are the Vrola hours of operation?
Answer : Vrola Sales Representatives are available in the office
Monday thru Friday from 6:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday from 6:00am - 12:00pm
In addition, Vrola offers a 24 hour answering service that allows you the convenience to place your order for next day delivery or pick-up.
Question : Does Vrola carry Seafood?
Answer : Yes! Vrola is not just a purveyor of fine meats. We are proud to offer our customers a full line of the highest quality in frozen seafood. Our expert sales staff will happily assist you with any seafood questions you may have.
Question : What brands do you carry?
Answer : We are a New Jersey distributor of Bell & Evans Poultry and Hatfield Quality Pork Products. In addition, we carry a wide range of other brands including; Jaindl Turkey, Tyson, Schaller and Weber, Esposito Sausage, Nueske Products, along with an extensive variety of others. We take pride in providing our customers with local products. Feel free to download our complete product list to view some of our other vendors.
Question : I am currently looking into becoming a new customer with Vrola Meat Company. How do I go about the process to do so?
Answer : We are always looking forward to helping you grow your business. In order to become a customer of Vrola /Primal Custom Cutting, we ask that you speak personally with a representative of our company, either by phone or email. During our conversation we will discuss the type of partnership we plan to create. We do request you clarify what type of business you have, as well as the location of the business, your name, phone number and an email address. We will also discuss the items are you interested in. You can also Download the Vrola Credit Application on the website and email it back OR fax it to 732-525-2252.In doing this we can expedite this process.
Question : Who does Vrola /Primal Custom Cutting Service?
Answer : Vrola has proudly serviced the food industry since 1947. We have provided our quality products and services to Restaurants, Butcher Shops, Gourmet Specialty Shops, Supermarkets and Hotels along with many other fine establishments.
Question : I am interested in purchasing "Custom Cut" Product. What are some average portion sizes?
Answer : The Vrola Meat Company offers "Center of the Plate" specialists who concentrate in portion control and plate costs. They suggest the following items be cut to these specific sizes to ensure low plate costs.
Filet Mignon.......................................8-10 oz
New York Strip Steak..............................12-14 oz
Bone/In Rib Steak.................................16-18 oz
Bone/In Porterhouse or T-Bone......................20-24 oz
Pork or Veal Chop................................10-14 oz

Regardless of these suggestions, we will cut and portion any item according to your specific needs. If you have any other questions email or call us at 732-525-2255

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