Fine Quality Meats J. Vrola Meats is a family owned and operated company providing wholesale meats to Hotels, Restaurants, Institutions, Supermarkets and Butcher Shops since 1947.
Vrola Meats services the New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut areas with top quality :
  • Prime and Choice Beef
  • Dry Aged Beef
  • Lamb
  • Veal
  • All-Natural Poultry
  • Grain Fed Pork
and an assortment of other all natural and organic products.

Headquartered in South Amboy, N.J, our products are selected by hand, custom cut and vacuumed sealed in our own USDA approved manufacturing plant.

Our onsite butchers are guided by a center of the plate specialist to ensure accuracy in the custom cutting of all products we provide. We also offer an onsite food technologist who guarantees that our products meet strict United States Department of Agriculture guidelines to assure our customers they are receiving only the safest products available. Our USDA EST. is 20788/P. 20788.

Today's Specials
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